Alex Ander (viciouscycle216) wrote,
Alex Ander

i have not updated in far too long

i am writing this from my new imac. it is most shiny.

since my last update, a bunch of stuff has happened. an impartial list:

- i graduated from the commonwealth school. i miss it already. the school has some problems, but it was most definitely perfect for me. 
- i participated in another SCA crew, this time in isle royale (pronounced as one syllable, such as to rhyme with "coil") national park, which is the largest island on the largest lake in the world. it was fun. although the group dynamic was messed up at times. on the other hand, i got to see a bunch of moose, as well as a family of loons. loons are really cool, and really strange. they are very territorial, and are known to kill ducks that get in their way. it is really frightening to see a loon erupt in the middle of a bunch of ducklings. 
- i went to montreal with persephone413. it was a lot of fun. the food was amazing, and there were pretty paintings and flowers. 
- started working at a chem lab at harvard. it seems pretty good for a low wage job.

in a week i depart for swarthmore. i am both excited and scared by the prospect. does anyone have any recommendations on what to use to attach photos, posters, etc. to my wall? is there anything wrong with scotch tape?
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