Alex Ander (viciouscycle216) wrote,
Alex Ander

how to reform the CIA

i was talking to 172nd_brigade about a point of commonwealth related gossip, and he has slowly culled a lot of information with regard to it. i asked him if there was a difference between how he gathered information with regard to gossip he was interested in with how he meticulously culled data on troop movements, and he said that the two processes were exactly the same. then it hit me:

we should hire teenage gossip whores to work for the CIA. they would do the job perfectly-these are experts at collecting information, not to mention disseminating false information or limited correct information to destroy their enemies. that sounds to me like a skill set clandestine organizations such as the CIA ought to have at their hands. they've had a wealth of people skilled  at all of this in most high schools across the country, and they have not bother tapping it. the biggest problem that i can see is that we do not want to give the gossip whores security clearance, because they are known for not keeping their mouths shut. this does not mean, however, that we cannot study them, or have them involved in training of operatives and analysts.
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