Alex Ander (viciouscycle216) wrote,
Alex Ander

but the ones i don't buy are fed to pigs!

today was the first day of the swarthmore public library booksale. as a result, i have a bunch more books i do not really need, like the nibelungenlied, but that it is fun to have around.

general, boring updates:

- classes  are good, especially chemistry. linear algebra is boring, but i suppose mr. sherry spoiled me.
- to maintain the commonwealth tradition of using things that are not sports for PE credit, i have taken to folk dance, of the english, scottish, contra, and longsword varieties. the tri-co longsword team is called the points of etiquette, making me a point of etiquette. that seems wrong somehow, but the dancing is fun.
- i visited commonwealth over  fall break. i really miss it. i am happy here, and know that i really did need a new environment, but... there's no Ms. Jackman here. although there is a couch in my dorm with an even dirtier reputation than the great pfau couch of the commonwealth lobby.
- i have found people with whom i can gush about pride and prejudice, firefly, ad other things which i need t gush about regularly.
- i have not been gaming enough. ought to fix this.

i cannot think of anything terribly exciting. i am a boring individual.
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